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Our vision

« Our mission : make our client move forward. It's a key requirement »
Marie-Laure BLEZAT-DUBOUREAU – Co-manager BLEZAT Group

At BLEZAT, each project is a challenge that requires demanding and inspirational iteration, pushing us to find the best architectural, technical, economic and environmental solutions... To take up this challenge we rely on collaborative professional teamwork: this is the key to our approach.


Our overall vision is based on fruitful cooperation between architects and engineers, bringing together the different professional skills required to successfully manage and deliver a project.


In a dynamic climate of dialogue and exchange of ideas, our different specialists work hand in hand, committing themselves to providing a logical and coherent answer both architecturally and technically, as well as strategically and economically. BLEZAT attaches great importance to working closely with the client as a team to establish a relationship of mutual trust and understanding.


Our ethic is to go one step beyond the client’s expectation. Understanding how the project fits into the client's overall strategy and identifying how it challenges that strategy enables us to be a creative force and provide bespoke recommendations. This requires a keen interest in and openness towards the client body to generate an understanding that allows us to provide focused support whilst maintaining the flexibility to respond appropriately and adapt promptly.


The Group seeks continuous improvement and has an ability to innovate that means continuously reviews its proposals in order to fulfill the economic, organizational, technological and ecological requirements of the ever-changing food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hotel and catering industries.


« We attach great importance to be as flexible and responsive as the facilities we design »
Adrien Loones – Industry Division Director – BLEZAT SAS