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Our Identity

A multi-disciplinary synergy

BLEZAT was born out of the aim to bring together architects and engineers under the same organization. It is now an independent multidisciplinary group that brings together all the skills and fields of expertise required to successfully manage and deliver your project – from conception to completion – in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in health care, hospitality and catering.

Drawing on this consultant – architect - engineer combination, and driven by its strong sector-specific knowledge and versatility, BLEZAT can meet all your particular needs and give you both an overarching and detailed intervention appropriate to your business sector.

« Our organization makes us the single partner of our clients, for all the issues raised by the project »
Georges BLEZAT – Founder

On the ground near you

BLEZAT is based in five countries:  France (Lyon, Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Strasbourg), Poland (Warsaw), Russia (Moscow), Ukraine (Kiev) and Algeria (Alger), the group is a local partner developing close relationships with its clients and focusing on the specific needs of each site.


Successful International growth

BLEZAT is constantly evolving and growing and now has increasing international recognition. Thanks to its extensive knowledge of both local regulations and international standards, BLEZAT is active in  about 15 countries around the world.

BLEZAT has been established in Central and Eastern Europe for nearly 20 years with its Warsaw, Moscow and Kiev offices, and has now recently opened an agency in Algeria. BLEZAT can provide its services to you both in these locations and elsewhere in the world (Brazil, China, Belgium, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Martinique, etc.)