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Our history

From 1950 to present
Jean Blézat, architect & engineer, founds BLEZAT, an innovative office specialized in the food industry.
This architect-engineer complementarity within the same organization, a uniquely pioneering concept at the time, has remained at the core of the Group identity
BLEZAT celebrates 25 years of food-processing plants projects and with strong growth, becomes a leader in the food engineering sector.
Georges Blézat, Architect, develops the Health business unit: the company extends it specialization into the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare facilities.
BLEZAT crosses French boundaries and starts working on projects in Brazil, Spain, China, Switzerland
Marie-Laure Blézat-Duboureau joins BLEZAT.
BLEZAT takes root In Central and Eastern Europe: its first subsidiary is established in Poland in 1997, followed by Russia and the Ukraine in 2003. A new organization is taking shape: BLEZAT Group.
Rémi Blézat creates the “BLEZAT Hospitality” subsidiary. The Group develops a specialization in a fourth business sector: the hotel and catering industry
Marie-Laure Blézat-Duboureau takes the chair of BLEZAT SAS.
The Group consolidates its activities and continues to grow with the creation of different subsidiaries: BESM (structural design), ITEF (mechanical and electrical services design), Group B&W, a source of innovative projects as well as BLEZAT Architectes Associés, which reinforces the architectural presence within the group.
Constantly developing, BLEZAT opens two new agencies in France, Nantes and Strasbourg, and opens its subsidiary BL Algérie, reflecting the Group’s strong growth in North Africa.